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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Travel Tips

Better known for foreign trade and business, the city of Guangzhou is not very known for tourism, but once you come here, you will be amazed how much the city has to offer to its tourists. Before you come to the city, update yourself regarding the place and pack accordingly so that your stay at Guangzhou is comfortable and you enjoy to the fullest.

  • As the climate of the city is evergreen throughout the year, you need not bring many woollens.
  • Since the city holds the Canton Fair twice every year in the months of April and October, so you might have problem getting flights and hotel accommodation. You are advised to fix your plan keeping this mind so that you do not face trouble while booking the flights and hotels.
  • The public transport system at Guangzhou is very efficient and good. In you a plan to stay there for an extensive period of time then you are advised to buy a multi-purpose Yang Cheng Tong stored value card. You can use it for transporting and at public phone booths. Some designated shops and some vending machines also accept these cards. Since returning the card is a difficult task as it is done at limited services centers, you are suggested to keep it as a souvenir for your trip.
  • If you are planning to visit by trains then you should be sure which train station to go as there are two major train stations in Guangzhou; one service routes to Hong Kong and the other tourist spots while the other station services routes to the way to Harbin.
  • While traveling you must remember that most of the machines do not accept old and torn notes. Old and torn notes can be exchanged at the customer service counter. You can exchange old or torn notes for coins at the customer service counter.
  • When visiting along the bank of River Pearl, you should be well-aware of the little girls who sell flowers. They just tend to cling to your legs and wait until you pay them some money.
  • Like any other place you have to careful about your belongings like bags, purse as you may come across many thieves or jostlers.
  • Language is a major problem while traveling in china, so bring a Chinese friend along when traveling deeper in the city or carry a phrasebook with you.
  • Remember not to ride a motorcycle or an electric bicycle on the roads as it is banned in the city.
Apart from these tips, it is suggested that you should talk to a person who has already visited the place so that you can gather first hand information about the place.

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