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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Climate in Guangzhou

Being situated in a subtropical monsoon climate zone, the mean temperature of the city is from 21.4 C to 21.9 C. The city has an average temperature of 22 C all the year round. August is the hottest month with a temperature of 28 C while January is the coldest with 13 C. The hot and humid summer season begins from mid-April and lasts till September.

In general, the temperature in November is from 15.7 to 24.4 and the relative humidity is from 30% to 70%. The precipitation is lower and the weather is drier in November. Trousers, shirt and T shirt is suitable, but it is best for you with a coat. The climate of Guangzhou is sub-tropical. The average year-round temperature is 22C.

August is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 28C.

January is the coldest month, with an average of 13C. The rainy season falls between April and August. Average annual rainfall is 1,720 mm.

Guangzhou has a subtropical climate, without very distinctive seasons. The summer, which lasts from mid- April till September are very hot and humid, with lots of tropical showers. These months count for over 80% of the annual rainfall, which stands at 1800mm. Warmest are July and August, with an average temperature of 30 degrees. Although this is not very high, it is the humidity that makes the whether feel much hotter. December till February are the coolest months, with temperatures around 14 degrees.

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