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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Nightlife in Guangzhou

Guangzhou was one of the first Chinese cities to have opened the doors to the outside world. Over the years the nightlife in Guangzhou has changed a lot with the opening of new bars, restaurants and clubs. If you are a party animal, then there are many stops for you to relax, enjoy and have fun.

Zhujiang Yeyou (The Pearl River Night Cruise)
When night falls, you must stop yourself at Zhujiang Yeyou to have a look at the enchanting and charming night scene on the Pearl River (Zhujiang). The best way to enjoy the scene is to take a boat-ride, beginning from the Xidi Dock and enjoy the most attractive areas along the river bank.

The 1920 Restaurant
Situated on Yanjiang Zhong Lu, the place is a lively entertainment spot for tourists and locals as well. You can enjoy the evening relishing Bavarian food and imported wheat beers served on an outdoor patio.

Yue Ju (Cantonese Opera)
Popular in Guangzhou, Guangxi, Hong Kong, Macau and other parts of Southeast Asia, this opera style is sung and read in Guangzhou dialect where the vocals rise and fall in ever changing in cadences. Enjoy these harmonious melodies whenever you get a chance to be in the city.

Café Elles
In case you wish to enjoy the night in French atmosphere, then Café Elles on Shuivin Lu is the place for you. From French expatriates to French food to French music with a small dance floor it offers you everything French.

Café Lounge
Located within the famous China Hotel, the Café Lounge is a good place for a couple who wish to enjoy a low-key evening. It is a place you find quiet tables for two and you can enjoy the weekends with live music. To add more glamour and classic touch to the atmosphere, the China Hotel Basement offers Guangzhou’s Hard Rock Café.

Bars & Pubs
Bai’e Tan, Binjiang Lu and Huanshi Lu are the three famous bar streets in Guangzhou. Amigo is a French pub with wooden compartments and stairs. Every corner of the pub is decorated with antique wine bottles, saddles, western historical paintings, etc. From the small western restaurant located upstairs, you can also enjoy the enticing beauty of Zhujiang (the Pearl River).

If you like to watch movies then there are some good theaters in Guangzhou like Yonghan Cinema and China Plaza Theater. China Plaza Theater in Guangzhou is the first five-star cinema and ranks one of the top ten box office cinemas in China. 23 Club, Baby Face, Bridge House, Party World are some of the other places in Guangzhou where you can enjoy the nightlife.

Besides all these fun-filled activities, you can also work upon to improve your health. There are good golf courses, tennis courts and bowling clubs to satisfy your sportsmanship and entertain you as well. Karaoke parlours and pubs are good to make you relaxed.

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