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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Shopping in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the chief foreign trade center of China and the biggest city of South China with flourishing commerce. Since the city lies next to Hong Kong and Macau, chances for further commercial development are immense in Guangzhou. With a wide range and variety of inexpensive clothing, electronic items and other consumer goods, Guangzhou is really a shopper's paradise Moreover, the biannual Canton Fair held in the city adds more value to the commercial atmosphere of the city.

Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street
Located in the Liwan District of Xiguan, it is the first commercial pedestrian street in Guangzhou. Like the Wangfujing in Beijing and the Town God’s Temple in Shanghai, Shangxia Jiu Lu is very influential and traditional street, known for shopping in Guangzhou. On both sides of the road, you see Qi Lou, the old building style feature that reflects the strong Lingnan culture.

This style is visible in all the neighbouring areas of Guangzhou. Restricted to pedestrians only, the street has more than 200 stores offering brand names and teahouses. Even if you do not have to buy anything, you are suggested to visit the street to feel the cultural atmosphere here.

Beijing Lu
This market is located in the center of the city and walking here will give an entirely different experience. Contrary to Shangxia Jiu Lu, Beijing Lu gives the impression of fashionable and traditional as well.

Zhuangyuan Fang (Number One Scholar Lane)
Those who are interested in Japanese and Korean fashion should go to Zhuangyuan Fang (Number One Scholar Lane) located on Renmin Nan Lu. Though this lane is a small one, but a large number of visitors come here to get the most fashionable clothes, ornaments and other small articles and accessories.

Hualin Jadeware Street
Dealing with retail, wholesale and jade and jewelry processing, the history of Hualin Jadeware Street goes back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Hundreds of Jadeware stores found in the street offer jade bracelets, rings made of best quality jades from Burma and Yunnan Province.

Wende Calligraphy and Painting Street
Also known as ‘Guangzhou Gallery’, this street is situated very close to the Beijing Lu. On both sides of the road you can find several stores selling works of calligraphy and craftworks.

Yide Lu Seafood Market
It is famous dried seafood market where you can find a wide variety like abalone, cuttlefish, oysters and shark's fin. Shan Hai Cheng and Hai Zhong Bao are the most reputed seafood markets here.

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