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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Dining in Guangzhou

In terms of restaurants and teahouses, Guangzhou ranks first in the country. So a luring factor for all the tourists visiting Guangzhou is the Cantonese cuisine, cooked deliciously and presented stylishly. Cantonese cuisine is one of the main cuisines in China. Diverse and delicate in material, the seasonings are varied and well-coordinated. Good in colour, fragrance and taste, the Canton cuisine is widely known for its wide range of variety and mouth-watering flavours.

Guangzhou Restaurant
With a history of over 70 year, it is a world-known restaurant in Guangzhou, situated at Wenchang south Road. The food served here is one of the best in the city with house specialties like "Eight Treasures". Other Cantonese dishes are dim sum; duck feet stuffed with shrimp and roasted goose. The restaurant offers you many kinds of sea foods and famous dishes like roasted pig, shark's fin soup with shredded chicken. Cost of the meal depends on your kind of delicacy you order.

Taotaoju Restaurant
An outstanding restaurant in Guangzhou, Taotaoju Restaurant was established long back in 1880. It has been authorized as the National special-class Restaurant by China Domestic Trade Bureau. The best teahouse in the city, Taotaoju is very well known for its delicious refreshments and desserts. Out of many dishes served here, Dim Sum at this restaurant is particularly famous. Other specialties are Crispy Durian Cake, milk egg bun and shrimp dumplings.

Panxi Restaurant
Located in the western part of Guangzhou, Panxi Restaurant is the largest garden restaurant in China. Designed by Mobozhi, the famous landscape architect the restaurant enjoys fame at home and abroad. It serves a variety of Guangzhou cuisines including “eight famous dishes”, “eight famous banquets” and “eight famous pastries”.
The restaurant is best known for the “Xiguan Folklore Banquet” and the “Imitative Pastry Banquet”. The dishes served at the restaurant are popular among Chinese and foreigners alike, so you can not resist yourself from coming here once you come to Guangzhou.

Back Street Jazz Bar & Restaurant
Attached to the Guangzhou Art Museum, the Back Street Jazz Bar & Restaurant is surrounded by tall bamboo groves. Offering dishes like deep-fried salmon and lotus root, Thai chicken salad and honey apple-foie gras, food served here is pure world fusion. Adding glamour to the atmosphere, there is softly lit red-neon bar that serves fruit martinis, mojitos and a wide selection of wines. The restaurant has an in-house jazz band to entertain the guests.

Chiu Chou City
If you are looking for good regional cuisine, then Chiu Chou City is the place you must head for. Known for its culinary experiences, the place is decorated in old-school Chinese-restaurant style, with large round tables and chair with cloth-coverings. The place is meant for you if you wish to explore some of the regional dishes of Chiu Chou regional like goose cooked in its own blood and dipped in white vinegar and chopped-garlic sauce, or the ever popular yin-yang soup (green vegetable soup and white congee soup served together to form a yin-and-yang symbol).

Apart from these a few mentioned, you will get different restaurants offering you cuisines of different countries. Connoisseur, Datong Restaurant , Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant , Lucy’s, Nile Restaurant , The Roof ,The Italian Restaurant and Yokohama are some of the known restaurants in Guangzhou from which you can select according to your requirement. Generally restaurants give you tea thrice a day, with two meals and one night snack. They are open from 5.00 a.m. to 12.00 at night and some of them offer you 24-hour service.

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