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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Top Attraction in Guangzhou

Being the capital for three Chinese dynasties; the Nan Yue (South Yue), the Nan Han (South Han) and the Nanming (South Ming), Guangzhou was one of the 24 most famous historical cultural cities of China. The 2000-year history of this place makes it a hot tourist destination.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
A memorial, dedicated to one of the founders of the Chinese Revolution, is located at his original presidential office site on Yuexiu Hill. The memorial hall built in 1931; is a symbolic octagonal building combined with beautiful exterior and interior where many city meetings and performances are held. Dr. Sun Yat-Senís bronze statue stands right in front of the hall.

Western Han Nanyue King's Tomb Museum
Excavated in 1983 from the Elephant Hills, Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum is located on Jiefang Road. More than 1000 objects like chariot, gold and silver vessels, musical instruments, etc were also buried under the ground.

Guangxiao Temple
A popular pilgrimage site for Zen Buddhists because Hui Neng, the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhism was trained here. Since fire has destroyed the temple many times, current buildings are from the mid 19th Century only.

Temple of Six Banyan Trees
Built in 537 AD during Liand dynasty, the temple got burnt and rebuilt during the Northern Song dynasty. Since it is situated on Lio Rong Road, the temple is also known as Lio Rong Temple. The temple dates back to the 6th Century but the pagodas go back a little further by 300 years. The temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions for its 17 stories and eight-sided Hua Ta, or a 57-meter high Flowering Pagoda.

Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Church
This Catholic Church is one of the oldest church structures in the city, and more specifically, the largest of its kind in Southern China.

White Cloud Mountain
Located in the northeast of Guangzhou, the mountain range is made up of more than 30 peaks with the highest standing Moxing Ridge, 382 meters (1,261 feet). Surrounded with white clouds on the mountaintops, this range presents amazing scenic beauty. Apart from the scenic beauty the mountain range also offers some historic relics from the ancient times.

Yuexiu Park
With an area of 93 hectares, Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou city. The park is best known for a memorial monument, Zhenhai Tower, built in the memory of Dr. Sun. The 28 meter tall tower has a museum which exhibits the unique and historical artifacts of Guangzhou. Another attraction of this park is the Sculpture of Five Rams, which symbolizes the city of Guangzhou. Three artificial lakes and a big swimming pool add value to the beauty of this park.

Chen Family Ancestral Temple
Built in 1894, this largest and best preserved Chen Family Ancestral Temple is also known as the Chen Clan Academy as the Chen family donated for its construction and it was then used as the lodging for their family members. The temple is worth seeing, built within a huge area of 15,000 square meters which also houses a museum of Guangzhou folk arts and crafts.

Since the city of Guangzhou is quite old and has a long history, the places of attractions are too many to name. While planning a trip to this place, do not forget to visit Shamian Island which will create an oasis of tranquility in the hustle bustle of your life. You will find many picturesque summer resorts with sports; water slides, a golf course, and other fun filled activities which will make any Guangzhou trip a memorable one.

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